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Laptop and Notebook
Choose the Right Place and Time
Make sure you have confirmed who is calling whom and at what number.
If at all possible, use a land line not a cell phone.
Choose a private place, at a desk if possible.
Be ready for the call ten minutes in advance.
If for some unforeseen reason you are running late, call and let them know before you are late.
Be Prepared
Research the company and position.
Have prepared, written questions about the company and position. What is the company’s promotional policy? With whom will I be working most closely?
Have the workspace in front of you cleared of everything except for the materials you need for this call:
  • Resume

  • List of prepared questions

  • Note pad and pen in order to take notes

  • Understand your past accomplishments and how they can add value to this new position.

  • Be able to effectively illustrate past positions and the reasons you left other jobs.

  • If there are gaps in your employment history, be able to articulate the what and why.

On the Phone
Communicate Effectively
Make sure there is a smile in your voice.
Listen well.
Show enthusiasm and interest for the job.
Be yourself and have fun.
Wrap Up
Thank the interviewer for his/her time.
Ask about next steps in the interview process.
Send personalized thank you notes to everyone you spoke with.
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