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Legal Handshake


At Southwest Selective Search, we emphasize and value relationships, specifically the relationships that we build and cultivate with our clients and candidates.  When a company becomes a client of ours, we take the pro-active steps necessary to build a solid business relationship with that company.  We don’t view our clients as “just clients”—we view them as partners in the search and placement process.  We act as an extension of our client company. We perform a task that goes beyond finding a candidate who simply fits the stated specifications of an assignment. We spend as much time as possible learning the culture and personality of each client in order to form a comprehensive profile of the ideal candidate. We save our clients time by knowing them well enough to refer only the most highly qualified individuals. Our long term partnerships, with our clients, are deeply rooted in the success of the professionals we place. Our responsibility is to approach every search as if it is our most important project.

We strive to meet each client on-site, allowing Southwest Selective Search to gain a better understanding of the corporate climate and culture. Details of the position, the characteristics of the ideal candidate, and the hiring process are explored at this time. Clearly and fully understanding the client’s objectives streamlines the identification of best qualified candidates.

Temporary Staffing

At Southwest Selective Search, the Insurance Industry is the only industry we service. We seek out and hire quality staff that can be sent out on assignment quickly, based on our clients’ needs. Each staffing employee has been thoroughly prescreened for technical knowledge and abides by our code of ethics policies.

Is there a conversion fee involved if you hire our contractor?

Yes. You may trade in or discontinue service at any time. However, if you wish to hire our employees on a permanent basis – there is a fee. Please contact us for more information regarding our Conversion Programs.

What is a Conversion Fee?

A Conversion Fee is something that occurs when a client wants to hire one of our Contract Employees who has been working on-site for them and wishes to “Convert” that employee into a full-time member of the staff. Many of our employees enjoy the freedom that comes with contract work. However, some of our employees do express interest in ultimately leaving the world of contracting for a full-time Job with one of our clients.

Best Practices for Conducting a Virtual Interview
Ensure that your computer screen is positioned at eye-level approximately two (2) feet from you.
Use Gallery View (hover your mouse at the top right corner of the screen to select Gallery view.) This will feature the person speaking and enable you to focus on the speaker.
Turn off your outlook/social media – incoming email alerts may distract you and the interview panel. 
Mute your line when you are not speaking. (on some video platforms hover your mouse at the bottom of the screen to select).  This will help avoid unnecessary background noise.
Turn off the ringers on your cell phone AND landlines.
Choose a quiet place with plenty of light. Avoid sitting with the window at your back because it will darken your face.
Be forgiving of candidates if the unexpected happens (i.e. dogs barking or children in the background or the technology fails). These are different times and we are all learning.  I wouldn’t want us to judge a candidate if the unexpected occurs. (cute example:
If it is a group or committee interview, appoint 2 or 3 core interviewers to ask the questions.  Although everyone will be introduced, it is less confusing for candidates to respond to 3 people than multiple.  It is also easier to manage.  Pre-assign these questions. The balance of committee can observe and share their observations during de-brief following the interview.
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