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Video Conference
Conducting a Virtual Panel Interview
We recommend using your desktop or laptop for this interview. We discourage the use of a cell phone as they are not as conducive to a professional presentation.
Ensure that your computer screen is positioned at eye-level.
Position the screen at about 2 feet from you. 
Use Gallery View (hover your mouse at the top right corner of the screen to select Gallery view. This will feature the person speaking and enable you to focus on the speaker.)
Turn off your outlook/social media – incoming email alerts may distract you and the interview panel. 
Turn off the ringers on your cell phone AND landlines.
Choose a quiet place with plenty of light.  Avoid sitting with the window at your back because it will darken your face.
If the video freezes or the audio skips out and you’re unable to hear that person’s response, ask them to repeat it.
Research how to conduct an effective interview on-line. Here’s one link:
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